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Di Man Co – Pyrotechnics is known for creating fireworks with pyrotechnics from worldwide known European (TRIPLEX, PYROTECHNIC LTD, PANZERA, ENIGMA) and Chinese (LIDU, FORWAR ) companies.

The realization of the fireworks is with pyrotechnical bombs (caliber from 50mm till 300mm), Roman candles (caliber from 30mm till 75m ) and battery systems (caliber from 20mm till 50mm and from 16 till 300 shoot )

The technology of the realization is with electric supplying and command board, that provides accurate, duly and safe activation of pyrotechnics.

Larger fireworks are prepared based on music support.

Di Man Co – Pyrotechnics organizes fireworks for weddings and birthdays, business promotions, carnivals and theater performances. We create and provide pyrotechnical effects for concerts and parties with indoor pyrotechnics, as well as daylight fireworks and celebrations with confetti, bubbles and related.

Weapons аnd аmmunition

Di Man Co – Weapons and ammunition works with wholesale and retail trade of products from the worldwide known European producers (GLOCK, BROWNING, FABARM, ROSSLER, VINCENZO BERNANDELLI, DIANA, SELLIER & BELLOT, SIG SAUER, AIMPOINT etc.)

In addition, we are working on diagnostics and repairs of sports- hunting weapons, manufacturing butt stocks, as well as asembling optics and rectification of weapons.

Military and police equipment

Di Man Co – Military and police equipment, performs trade with defensive equipment, for the needs of Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior Affairs of R. of Macedonia and collaborates with other manufacturers in Europe and worldwide.

We are specialized in work with ammunition and explosives, armament and armored vehicles, day and night vision aiming (optical) equipment, communication and electronic warfare equipment.

In addition, we are specialized in working with spare parts for helicopters, as well as general repair of helicopters type Mi-8, Mi-17 and Mi-24. We are exclusive representatives and we are collaborating with huge number of factories - manufacturers of military equipment in Europe (DIEHL DEFENCE, TEREM, ARCUS CO., IGMAN, SELLIER & BELLOT, GLOCK, AIMPOINT etc.) and USA (MAE GROUP INTERNACIONAL, WILEY-X).